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The Sylvansport Electric RV is the Motorhome of Our Dreams

September 14, 20210

There is no question that we’re on the verge of an electric vehicle revolution. Not only are EVs better for the environment, they also offer amazing performance and an array…

Nepali Climbers Open New Trekking Route on Mt. Kilimanjaro

September 9, 20213

As the highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro has been a popular destination for adventure travelers for decades. Located in Tanzania, the extinct volcano rises some 19,341 feet (5895 meters)…

Will the iPhone 13 Double as a Satellite Phone?

September 7, 20212

There are few things more predictable in the topsy-turvy world of consumer electronics than the arrival of a new iPhone. Without fail, Apple produces a new edition to its smartphone…

Denali National Park has One Road -It’s Currently Closed Due to Climate Change

September 2, 20212

Despite the fact that Denali National Park covers more than 3354 square miles (8657 sq. km), there is only one road to be found there. The lone route carries visitors—mostly…

COVID Vaccine Now Required for Everest Base Camp Trekkers

August 31, 20210

If you’re planning on trekking to Everest Base Camp this fall—or anywhere else in the Nepal’s Khumbu Valley—local authorities have issued some new regulations that you will want to be…

Greenland Summit Station Saw Rain for the Very First Time

August 26, 20210

When last we checked in on Greenland things weren’t going particularly well. The island had seen a massive melt off that saw more than 18 billion tons of ice disappear…

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The Top 10 Camping Knives of 2021

The Top 10 Camping Knives of 2021

October 31, 2020

Best Camping Knives of 2021 Best Choice Morakniv Companion Spark Check Current Price Best Value Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife Check Current Price Premium Pick Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife…

The Best Climbing Hangboard for 2021

The Best Climbing Hangboard for 2021

October 12, 2020

The Best Climbing Hangboard for 2021 Best Choice Trango Rock Prodigy Training Center Check Current Price Best Value Metolius Simulator 3D Check Current Price Premium Pick So iLL Iron Palm…

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Registration for Eco-Challenge 2021 is Now Open

August 17, 2020125

Eco-Challenge Fiji only just appeared on Amazon Prime Video last Friday, but fans of the show—and adventure racing in general—already have something new to look forward to. Over the weekend, registration…

BougeRV 30 Quart 12V Portable Car Refrigerator Review

April 19, 20210

The world is opening up, and our freedoms may soon be returning. Hopefully, we’ll all be living it up to New Zealand style shortly. Spring is well and truly here,…

Generark HomePower One Portable Power Station and Solar Panel Review

December 3, 20201

For more than a decade, the team at Goal Zero has been leading the pack for portable power stations built for use in the outdoors. Their products not only offer…

The K2 Winter Expeditions have Turned the Mountain into a Circus

December 23, 202041

For most serious high-altitude mountaineers, the first ascent of K2 winter is the last great feat that has yet to be accomplished. The world’s second tallest peak has turned back…

Mt. Everest 2021: An Update From the High Himalaya

April 13, 20210

The Mt. Everest 2021 spring climbing season is off and running, with scores of mountaineers now starting to filter into Base Camp. Most are just now getting settled in at…

Nepal has Some Dumb New Rules for Climbing Everest in 2021

March 16, 202112

After the entire spring climbing and trekking season was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nepal is eager to reopen its borders and welcome foreign visitors in 2021.…