Last Desert Ultramarathon Begins Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Jan. 24, 2006 marks the start of the Last Desert Ultramarathon, which takes place in Antarctica and is part of the Four Deserts series of Ultras held around the Globe each year. The 250 km course is still being finalized, probably due to shifting weather at the South Pole, but this Ultra is a stage race that will take place over several days and will push the competitors to their limit. There are only 15 competitors in what is sure to be a grueling event, even if it is “Summer” in Antarctica this time of year.

You can follow the whole event, as it unfolds over the next few days over at Racing The Planet’s website. Live updates will be made available when ever possible.

For the record, the other events in the Four Deserts, which will take place later in the year, include: The Gobi March (May 28th), The Atacama Crossing (June 23rd), and The Sahara Race (Oct. 29th). Each of these, obviously takes place in a grueling, desert environment.

While you’re over at the Racing The Planet website, be sure to check out this article, which looks at balancing life and ultramarathons and the lessons that can be learned from applying ultra training to your career. Interesting read, and some nice insights into what it takes to run the Four Deserts.