Meet The New Amazing Racers!

As I mentioned last week, the only reality TV show that I get into is The Amazing Race. I love the fact that they travel to all kinds of interesting places and complete challenges in countries all over the World. As I said before, it’s one show that I could see myself trying out for. CBS has finally posted the bios of all the racers participating in the next race. Go over them out. Pick out your early favorites, and start making predictions for the coming season, which kicks off with a Two Hour Premiere on Feb. 28th.

The last Amazing Race was the “Family Edition”, which was probably my least favorite of all the Races so far. The teams consisted of four racers, and they never left North America, and barely left the U.S. at all. It’s nice to see the Race return to normal, with teams of two and racing around the World again. I’m looking forward to this one starting soon.