National Geographic’s Top 25 Adventure Travel Trips!

I just found this article over at the National Geographic websitewhich lists their Top 25 Adventure Travel Trips. There are tons of great trips on the list, and pretty much something for everyone who has an adventurous heart. The list is in no particular order, and is broken down by region.

The highlights for me would be:

1. Kayaking Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
What’s not to like about this trip? Kayaking in the Southeast Asian backcountry, that takes you past giant falls, rare dolphins, and ends in the Angkor Wat temple complex. Wow!

2. Climbing the Karakoram Range, Pakistan
This trip takes you into an area that is largely unexplored, and about as remote as any place on Earth. If you have to ask why, than this wouldn’t be a trip for you.

5. Trekking with Kazakh Eagle Hunters, Mongolia
Experience life amongst the Mongolian tribes in another very remote area. Explore a mountain range inhabited by the snow leopard, and nomads. A truly great trip to get away from it all.

8. Overland Sahara Desert Crossing
A 30 day epic trip spanning the width of the Sahara. I’ve been to the Sahara, and it is beautiful in it’s stark openness. Clear, night skies, dotted with millions of stars, and bright, hot days in one of the largest deserts on Earth. An amazing place.

11. Diving Madagascar
Madagascar is just now starting to emerge as a destination for adventure travelers, and this trip will take you to dive spots that are as of yet unknown to most outside the country. Clear warm water, teeming with marine life. This one is sure to delight experienced and novice divers alike.

25. Orbiting Earth
Perhaps the last great adventure!

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