Everest Peace Project

Mounteverest.net has this article about an interesting climbing team composed of climbers from “seven countries and five religions” with a goal to promote peace and understanding amongst men.

It’s called The Everest Peace Project, founded by Lance Trumbul, an American Buddhist, who came up with the idea of creating a team of climbers made of men and women from different countries, cultures, and religions. Lance feels that although these people have cultural and ideological differences, that once they are on the mountain together, they will work together as a team with a common goal.

The team will set off soon to attempt to summit Everest by way of the North Col. They intend to use supplemental oxygen and will be supported by traditional Sherpa guides. They are still looking to add a female Muslim climber from Pakistan to the team. No anyone interested? Drop Lance a line over at their website.

I wish them luck on their climb and their other, much larger goal, of promoting peace and understanding.