Insights On Everest

A couple of quick notes for anyone interested in climbing, especially the big alpine climbers. First up, has this article about a young man who is a mild mannered accountant who has become an accomplished mountain climber. Scott McNaughton will be attempting his most challenging climb to date in a few weeks however when he goes after his first 8000 meter peak in none other than Everest itself. The interview is an interesting read as you get some insight into the training and dedication that is necessary for such an ascent.

The second nugget I have is about a new TV show on The Travel Channel called Ultimate Survival: Everest. The website doesn’t have too much info on the show, but from what I could gather from the previews, it looks like it focuses on following a team that is attempting to summit the tallest mountain on Earth. Tonights episode, which airs at 8 EST/7 CST is the second in the series, so I’m a little bummed that I missed the first. I intend to check it out tonight though, and already have the Tivo set.