Lonely Planet: Most Remote Places on Earth

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This is a little old, but still worth taking a look at. Lonely Planet has posted an excellent list of the Most Remote Places on Earth for the person who truly wants to get away from it all.

Places of interest on the list for me include:

Antarctica – Probably the most desolate place on the planet, but far easier to get to know than it use to be, provided you have the cash. My goal is to eventually visit all seven continents, so I pretty much have to go here!

Barrow, Alaska – The northern most city in the United States. I actually had a friend who accepted a job to teach here several years back. She only lasted about two weeks before she quit and moved back home. Very remote, and cold, with long weeks with no sunlight.

Death Valley – One of the driest and hottest places on Earth. Some day I hope to be able to run the Bad Water.

Kraig Becker