The “Lost World” Is Found!

Wow! Every once in awhile a story comes along that boggles the mind, and inspires thoughts of adventure and exploration. This is one of those stories.

In a nutshell, scientists and explorers have found a hidden area of New Guinea, previously untouched by man, that is the home to a dizzying array of new species, including Birds of Paradise, Tree Kangaroos, Anteaters, and many new plants. The animals are said to be unafraid of man, showing that their contact with us has been greatly limited.

Access to this area can only be obtained through a helicopter, as it is very remote and over grown. The scientists who discovered this region have called it a “Garden of Eden”. Of course, they want to take great steps to insure that it remains untouched, as it will be a spot for incredible scientific finds and observations.

Can you imagine finding a place like this? How incredible would it be to explore a place that no other person has ever seen? It would be amazing to know that you were the first human beings to step food in that land, and it’s even more amazing, that in this day and age, we can still find spots like this on Earth.