New GoLite Catalog

Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox, along with the assorted pre-approved credit card applications and coupon flyers, I was happy to see the new Spring/Summer 06 GoLite Catalog had arrived. For anyone who doesn’t know, GoLite is a great company who makes some excellent outdoor gear, all of which subscribes to the “go light, go fast” mantra of the companies’ founder.

I own several articles of clothing including a great pullover wind jacket that gets daily use. Here in Texas, it’s what passes for a Winter jacket. At least for me, a transplanted mid-westerner. Anyway, there gear is well made, versatile, and super light, including their backpacks, tents, and clothing.

However, I’m no shill for the company, they just happen to make gear that I like. But I do love their catalog not just because of all the great stuff inside. Each GoLite catalog also has several interesting stories/articles about real people who get outside and go on all kinds of adventures. This catalog is no different, offering up nice little stories from trail runners, an ultramarathoner, arctic explorer, and world traveler alike.

If you get the chance, order the catalog online, you’ll find some really great gear, and a nice dose of adventure in every issue.