Everest Climbing Season Ends

The climbing season on Everest, and most of the Himalayan Peaks comes to an end today. MountEverest.net has some very good articles go close the season on. First, there is this story that recaps the season in general. It notes that there were a record number of summits this season, perhaps as many as 500, in no small part due to the good weather on the mountain. The downside is that unofficial numbers put the total number of fatalties this season at around 15.

The second article is entitled “A Message From the Death Zone” and is an interesting read about what it’s like to live above 8000 meters and what you can expect in that climate. The article also gives insights into who these people are who challenge themselves on these high altitude peaks, and why they push themselves with all the dangers involved.

It’s always sad for me to watch a season on Everest come to close. I enjoy reading the articles about the challenges of the climbs, hearing about how people have pushed themselves to reach the summit, and the lifestyles the lead while on the mountain and in base camp. These climbers are truely a different breed, and I respect them greatly. But as this season closes, another opens, as the weather window on Denali opens. Hopefully we’ll have some great stories of adventure from Alaska soon.