Gobi Ramblings from Terri!

As promised, Terri Schneider has updated her blog over at MountainZone.com with more thoughts on the recently completed Gobi March. This recent post is a nice wrap-up of the event, and how it effected Terri, both as a racer, and a person. Very insightful. And when you’re done reading the blog, you can check out her photos from the race!

I have to say, I greatly enjoyed Terri’s blog during the race. I’ve followed the Gobi March for several years, first discovering it through television coverage on the National Geographic Channel, but this put a more personal spin on the event, and let us get inside the head of one of the racers. Hopefully Terri will be taking part in some of the other Racing The Planet events. After all, we’re only 40 days away from the Atacama Crossing!