PQ: Latest Standings

Just a quick update on where the tops teams stand currently in the race, with just over two days in. As of now, Team Spyder leads the way through Checkpoint 19, with four other teams having passed that point. Following Spyder is Merrell/Wigwam Adventure in second place, Team SOLE in third, Nike-Beaver Creek, GoLite/Timberland, and Nike PowerBlast making up the top of the leaderboard.

Nike Powerblast is the odds on favorite to win the race, especially when you consider that of the three Primal Quests held so far they won two outright, and tied for first last time out. At the moment, they are several hours behind the leaders, but have also banked more sleep time than anyone else. This has been a consistent strategy over the years for Nike. In the longer races, they’ll build a lead early on, and get some rest, while other teams struggle to catch-up. Then as fatigue begins to catch up with the others, they make their move. We’ll have to wait to see if that strategy pays off for them again this year. We still have several more days to go before a winner is crowned.