The Price of Conquest: K2

Explorer’s Web has posted the first part of a two part story that tells the real tale of what happened on K2 when the Italian team made the first successful attempt on the mountain. For 50 years there has been a controversy surrounding the first ascent, in which the two men who made it to the summit have been accused of leaving two of their support team to fend for themselves over night, in the bitter cold, at 8100 meters. This story sets down the background, but tomorrow we’ll get the truth of what happened, as one of the men, Lino Lacedelli, breaks his silence after 52 years, to set the record straight. Lacedelli has written a book entitled Price of Conquest: Confessions from the First Ascent of K2 due out later this summer. It should be an incredible read to say the least, as K2 is often considered the crown jewel of climbing, even more so than Everest.