Primal Quest: Four Days In!

It’s Day Four of Primal Quest, and a quick look at the leaderboard and you can see that Nike, as predicted, did make their move yesterday. Not only did they pass Merrell/Wigwam Adventure to claim first place, they also were able to bank up some more sleep time. My guess is that from here on out, they’ll take fewer breaks for sleep, and barring getting caught in a dark zone, will race on to the finish.

Team Merrell shouldn’t be counted out just yet though. Robyn’s got the boys racing well, and at the moment, they’re only about 10 minutes behind Nike. The problem is that Nike has rested more, and are likely to be stronger down the stretch run. GoLite/Timberland is currently in third several hours behind the leaders, with Team Spyder in fourth another hour back. SOLE rounds out the top 5, but as of now they haven’t reached Checkpoint 29 yet, which is last place that the other lead teams have reached.

Still plenty of racing to go though, and with NIke and Merrell battling it out, one small mistake could make the difference. It should be an exciting race right down to the end.

Update: I barely had this posted when an update to the standing came in. Merrell and Nike passed through Checkpoint 30 in a dead heat, and Team Spyder has left Checkpoint 29 in third place, but still two-and-a-half hours behind the lead teams.