Primal Quest Gear!

Primal Quest is just over 10 days away now, and coverage is starting to ramp up nicely. Over the next week or so, we should see a number of pre-race articles about the return of this epic race. Regular readers will know that I personally can’t wait for it to start. Which leads us to our first article of the day over at in their always fun and interesting Gear Junkie blog. It seems that the Gear Junkie himself, Stephen Regenold, will be racing in Primal Quest, and he has made the first of three blogs regarding the event. In this post he discusses the gear he’ll be using throughout the race especially in the trekking stages. Stephen discusses his shoes, packs, clothing, watches, eyewear, and more. Next week, he’ll let us know what equipment he’ll be using on the mountain bike stages.

On a side note, I’m a bit of a “gear junkie” myself, and I’ve always enjoyed reading Stephen’s columns to keep up on the new, must-have gear. He always shows off some great equipment and gadgets, but every time I surf over to his page, I think I hear my wallet cry a little.