Primal Quest: Rich Brazeau Interview

National Geographic Adventure has kicked off the countdown to Primal Quest with an interview with Rich Brazeau, the CEO of that Race. Rich gives his thoughts on adventure racing in general, where the sport is heading, and what Primal Quest means for AR. It’s a very insightful, and interesting interview, and it should get you counting down the days to Primal Quest as well.

And while you’ve got PQ on the brain, head over to Runner’s World and read this article about Team Spyder’s preperation for Primal Quest. The team excels at distance running, and they hope that will give them the edge over the field at PQ. I wish them luck, but personally, I feel that a lot of the longer distance races are won and lost on the water, as few teams are as good in the kayak as they should be.

Edit: It’s Primal Quest Day on the Internet it seems, as another article has popped up online, this time at This article is more of an overview of the participants in this years race, serving as a bit of an introduction to some of the athletes.

After reading all these stories today, I just want Primal Quest to get here already! After skipping 2005, I’m more than ready for PQ to get underway. It’s a race that has few peers, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new PQ leadership has in store for the racers this season.