Everest: 1996-2006

National Geographic Adventure is running a special entitled Everest: 1996-2006 which has some excellent and interesting thoughts on the mountain. You’ll find an account by Ed Viesturs of what it was like back in 1996, when the deadliest storm in Everest history brought tragedy to the mountain.

You’ll also find a very different look at the 2006 season, which was marked by calm weather, but was not without it’s own share of tragedy. Very interesting to read.


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  1. Everest 1996(www.everest1996.com) disaster was one of the tragedy event in Everest history.Rob hall was one of them who lost his life.Along with him there were list of expedition teams who died:The Adventure Consultants was led by Rob hall with two other guides
    Rob hall- Expedition leader,Mike Groom and Andy Harris.
    Climbers who lost their lives during that day:
    Rob Hall, Andy Harris, Yasuko Namba, Scott Fischer, TsewangSamanla, TsewangPaljor, DorjeMorup, Jon Krakauer, Neal Beidleman, Michael Groom, LeneGammelgaard, Stuart Hutchison, Sandy Hill Pittman, Beck Weathers and Lou Kasischke.
    On May 10-11 1996,this is one of the worst disasters occurred on Mount Everest. It would be recorded as a tragic date in the history of mountain climbing.

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