AdventureXstream Update: Final Final Results! (We Really Mean It This Time!)

The AdventureXstream Leaderboard has been updated again today, with the real final results. Team Bagelworks are still the champions, but second place now goes to GoLite/Timberland Sprint, with Santa Fe Bear Pair finishing in third. You can also find more information about what the race was like in this story over at

From these latest reports, it seems that the weather was incredibly bad. Worse than what I orginally thought. CNN was calling it the 100 Year Storm, which made life out on the course pretty nasty for all the teams. For safety reasons, it’s probably a good idea that they called it off. Adventure racers don’t fear the elements, they are part of the event, but in a storm like this is not one to be taken lightly. Congrats to Bagelworks once again, and lets hope next year they can be back to defend their championship under better weather conditions.

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