Discovery Channel Atlas

The Discovery Channel has launched a new program called Discovery Atlas with the goal in mind to visit over thirty countries in the next five years and deliver a two hour progam focused on each nation. They plan to not only hit the major highlights of a given country, but also get off the beaten path and explore some of the more lesser known regions as well. The producers of the show want to give us, the viewer, a more personal tour of these nations, putting us in touch with the people that live there, and what their daily lives entail.

Discovery Atlas launched last weekend with China Revealed, and I’ve had the episode sitting on my Tivo until last night, when I finally sat down to watch. To say I was blown away would be a total understatment. The show was amazing from start to finish. The cinematography is up there with the best TV shows and movies you’ve ever seen, and this episode delivered on everything that was promised. Even better, I got to enjoy the show in HD, and it was simply amazing. So vivid and detailed, you almost felt like you were there. For me, having visited China, it was like going all over again. I was fortunate to have actually been to a number of the places they spotlighted in the show, and it was a real treat to see them again. This weeks episode will be on Italy, with Brazil and Australia soon to follow. So, if you have a passion for far flung places. Love to travel, and an urge to see the World (I call it Wanderlust!), that you absolutely must watch this show. In HD if you can help it. It’s amazing, and I’m already hooked. Can’t wait for the next epsidoe. Bring on Italy. (The show debuts on Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern time, and is shown again several times throughout the week.)

At the show’s website, you’ll find more information about it’s production and schedule, interactive events, an awesome Goggle Earth Tour, each new show’s podcast, and an excellent global forum.

Edit: A note of warning. If you elect to take part in the survey on the Atlas website, it may just be the longest survey ever conducted by man. You have been warned.