Expedition 360 Update

I’ve blogged about Expedition 360 before. It’s the circumnavigation expedition by Jason Lewis, who is circling the Earth using only human power. (On foot, bike, kayak, etc.) TheOceans.net has an update for us today, and it sounds like Jason is proceeding well. He’s currently in Tibet, and plans to cross into Nepal soon, hiking over the Himalayas. From there, he will proceed to India, where he will ride a bike to the Indian Ocean, only to board a pedal boat. He’ll then spend the next 6-8 weeks pedaling to Djibouti in Western Africa before climbing back on the bike to move across Ethiopia.

I’m still in awe of these epic adventures around the globe. Doing all of this under human power is simply an amazing feat. I can’t wait for Jason to finish up his expedition, but I can’t help but wonder what he’ll do next. After all this time on the road, roughly twelve years done in stages, I’d guess he’ll have a hard time returning to “normal” life in England.