Heated Hydration Pack?

I saw this post today while surfing the GoBlog, and I have to agree with them that it is “Another Dumb Idea” whose time has come. What are we talking about you ask? Why the new North Face Heated Hydration System of course! The idea being that what ever you put in your hydration pack stays nice and warm while you are out and about on those cold winter days. For just $120 ($150 if you want the pack that can actually carry things) you too can can have warm water, or other beverage of your choice, just a bite valve away.

I have to admit, I have purchased, and enjoyed, some North Face gear in the past. I own a daypack from them that I really really like, and a pair of trail running shoes that I don’t like so much. They make a lot of great equipment that will certainly get your “gear lust” going at times. But this one had me scratching my head a little. I have had my bite valave and water tube freeze up on me in cold weather before, but it’s generally not a big deal to get it working well again. Plus, as the guys at the GoBlog point out, if you fill your reservoir with hot water before heading out, and generally you have few issues. This is the kind of product I’d expect from Eddie Bauer these days, not The North Face. In case you couldn’t tell, I won’t be placing an order for one of these.

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