Himalayan Climbing Update

MountEverest.net has a less grim, more climbing focused update today as well today. This one updates us on the expeditions taking place in the Himalayas at the moment. You’ll find a brief update on the Italian’s bid for the summit on Annapurna, news on the Polish and Russian teams on Dhaulagiri, and much more from the region.

Of special note is the update from the Spaniards who were attempting the Alpine Style climb of Everest last week, but were turned back just 500 meters below the summit. Two of the three climbers were forced to abandon the attempt due to exhaustion and injuries at 8000+ meters. Now the third climber says he is not disappointed that he didn’t push on, as he “doesn’t like climbing alone.” 🙂 Who can blame him. Would taking the summit by yourself be as worthwhile? If no one is there to share it with you, do you still feel the same? Part of climbing these big mountain expeditions is the camaraderie you feel with the rest of your team, and it’s good to know that this isn’t lost on everyone on Everest these days.

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