Landis States His Case

Floyd Landis is using his personal website, to state his case in defense of the doping charges brought against him. On the site you’ll find a motion for dismissal of the case presented to the Anti-Doping Review Board, the complete set of documents from the World Anti-Doping Agency, including both of Landis’ failed tests, and a Power Point presentation stating how the Agency disregarded it’s own policies in the matter. It also argues that the test should not have been declared positive because he only tested for high levels of testosterone in one of four metabolic areas.

I’m not sure what Landis hopes to accomplish at this point, as it is highly doubtful that he’ll sway the Agency to not take disciplinary action against him. He may be trying to win in the Court of Public Opinion however, which may do something to salvage his career. At this point, however, I think he is fighting an up-hill battle. I wish him the best of luck. I’d love to see his name cleared, and there are a ton of things about this story that simply just don’t make sense. For instance, testosterone is noe something you shoot up with the night before an event and have it help you the next day. It’s something that needs to be in the body over time to increaste stamina, strength, etc. Floyd didn’t test positive on any other legs, but on the one where he tears up the course, he does. It’s just a weird set of circumstances. It should also be noted, at this time, he is still the Tour Champ. He hasn’t been stripped of that title yet, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out over time.

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