Lonely Planet Passports On The PSP

While we’re on the topic of nifty technology items today, I thought I’d pass along this cool little article I saw over at Gadling this morning. It seems that Lonely Planet has made their Passport to… series of city gudies available for use on the Sony PSP You can find all the guides right here.

This could be an awesome resource for someone traveling to any of these cities, and there are some great cities on the list. In the guides you’ll find information on hotels, restaurants, and more. These are another great reason to own a PSP, which makes for a great travel companion anyway. You can play Playstation 2 level of game on the go, watch movies, and listen to music on the PSP as well. Just make sure you buy an extra battery or two before you hit the road. I’d hate to see you get halfway through a thirteen hour flight and not be ablet o get your Grand Theft Auto fix.

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