More Info on the Primal Quest Coverage Tonight

Yak, over at Check Point Zero has updated his Yak Blog with more information on the Primal Quest episodes that are set to begin broadcasting tonight. Yak spoke directly with Rich Brazeau, the CEO of Primal Quest, regarding the episodes that are set to air on ESPN2 (ESPN2-HD), and to say that he is enthusiastic about the coverage is an understatement. It sounds like Rich has had his expectations met, and exceeded, by the folks at ESPN, and he remakrs that they treat the event like Sport, giving it legitimacy that may have been lacking in the past. All told, we’re going to get six hours of coverage on Primal Quest, probably the most coverage we’ve had since Eco Challenge was in it’s prime. The fact that is on ESPN helps even more.

Speaking of Eco Challenge, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw how the coverage was going to be handled by ESPN. Back when Mark Burnett was running Eco Challenge, instead of Suvivor, it was an awesome experience to watch it on the Discovery Channel and the USA Network. Pimal Quest coverage in the past has been solid, but it never felt as epic as the Eco Challenge coverage did. That seems to have changed this time out though, as Rich himself says that “What we’ve done raises the bar” when comparing it to Eco Challenge broadcasts in the past. He also recommends that we don’t miss Episode 4, as it sounds like it must be excellent in it’s coverage. My recommendation is that you don’t miss ANY of it.

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