Nangpa La Shooting Update has an update on the shootings on Nangapa La that I blogged about a few days back. There are more reports from witnesses on Cho Oyu who saw at least three people, including a young nun, who were shot dead by the Chinese Army while crossing through the Nangapa La pass from Tibet into Nepal. The latest reports said that more than forty refugees, out of seventy traveling together, were able to escape the Chinese and make the crossing into Nepal, but at this time the where abouts of the others is unknown. A group of climbers from the Philippines were also witness to the event, and a British team saw the soldiers kneeling to take aim at the victims. It’s a sad, and unexpected story, when climbers on the mountain are prepared for the hardships and physical challenges of making it to the summit, but are not prepared to see other humans gunned down in cold blood. This area of the world doesn’t get much coverage in the press here in the United States, but there is still a great deal of unrest in the region, and obviously the Chinese are not above persecution of their own.

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