Nangpa La: The Ongoing Saga

The latest new on the Nangpa La shootings is that China now admits that their soldiers fired upon refugees on Nangpa La, but they claim that they fired in self defense, which of course runs counter to all the reports that we’ve had up to this point. Meanwhile, this story has surfaced in The Independent that says the Chinese are actually tracking down climbers in Kathmandu who were on Cho Oyu and witnessed the events, in an attempt to silence them on the whole affair. has also posted an update following the Chinese “admission” but notest that it was probably the climbers themselves that forced the Chinese to make a statement, and that those same climbers tell a very different story.

I’m encouraged that some of the mainstream press has started to follow this story, as I was afraid that it would be swept under the carpet completely. The U.S. Goverment has, reportedly, also issued a formal protest with the Chinese Foreign Ministry, but considering the delicate nature of the North Korean nuclear issue, I highly doubt they want to take too tough of a stance on this issue at the moment. Especially considering how little coverage this event has gotten. I feel it’s important that this story doesn’t die, and that we continue to update on it, and get the news out. I commend the other bloggers and websites who have picked up on this story and ran with it, especially which is where I first heard the reports, and Go Blog which has dug up some great articles over the past few days as well.

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