Nangpa La: A Personal Look At The Story

The Christian Science Monitor has picked up the story of the shootings on Nangpa La and posted an article that gives the story a much more personal spin. They tell the tale of Kelsang Namtso and Dolmna Palkyi, two Tibetan teenagers, both striving to become Buddist nuns. They decided to save their money, and attempt the dangerous trek into Nepal in order to meet the Dalai Lama himself, but along the way they would be ambushed by Chinese military, fired upon without warning, and one of them would end up dead.

I’ve been posting about these for several weeks now, and slowly the facts of the story have managed to leak out. But this story is the most personal of all that I’ve seen so far. It gives you a sense of who these people were, and why they were attempting to cross the border into Nepal. It really hits home more than anything else I’ve read so far.

Thanks to Everest News for bringing this to my attention.

5 thoughts on “Nangpa La: A Personal Look At The Story”

  1. Thank you for your concern. The same interests motivated me to start a blog for Tibetans in China-occupied Tibet, where news is strictly censored.

  2. Keep up the work on your blog. This is a story that shouldn’t just go away. I only wish I could read Chinese so I could stay updated. I’ll continue to post on this as more news comes available.

  3. hi,
    tx a lot for ur effort in creating awareness on the issue of Nangpa la shooting incident.
    Though we can write up blog, tell da world abt da things dat are goin inside Tibet but the fact is we can’t stop them.
    tx for da concern.

  4. I’ll continue to do what I can to make this, and other events like it, known to the West. The things going on in Tibet are largely ignored, but we have to keep getting the message out when we can.

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