Nangpa La Update has posted another update on the Nangpa La situation, and it seems like at long last word of this travesty is getting out to the World. Comments on the website of the Polish TV station that ran the video from the mountain have demanded that the video and images be shown to “all the world!” There are also pleas to the climbers who witnessed the event to come forward and tell their stories to the media. There seems to be a rising outcry from those who have heard this story, seen the pictures, and watched the video against the Chinese.

I’ve been blogging on this since the story first broke, and I came across it on I was troubled by the story as soon as I read it, which is why I couldn’t help but post something here. But since then, i’ve continued to be troubled by the lack of coverage on this story in the mainstream media. That is changing, slowly. A number of European newspapers, websites, and television stations have begun following up on it, and so far it seems like the story isn’t just going to go away, as the Chinese would no doubt like to see it. Even Outside Online has now picked up on the story, and is running an article on it. I’m not exactly sure what I’d like to see done in the long run, but I continue to think that it’s important that the World knows what’s going on in Tibet, and the way that people are treated there by the Chinese who occupy that country.l

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