Nangpa La: Video Surfaces

Another chapter in this strange, and sad, story has come to light, once again thanks to The story broke nearly two weeks ago now about refugees fleeing Tibet into Nepal, that were ambushed by Chinese Military, who fired upon them without warning. At least three were killed, including a young nun who had a group of small children traveling with her. The children are now said to be in the custody of the Chinese.

Climbers in Base Camp on Cho Oyu witnessed the whole affair, and brought the story to the outside world. Since that time, we’ve had a number of reports from climbers, denials from the Chinese, followed by claims that the attacks were in self defense, photos from the mountain, and an official protest filed by the U.S. Government with the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Through all that, a surprising lack of coverage from any of the mainstream media, at least here in the States.

Now, comes word that video has surfaced that clearly shows the refugees were fired on from behind, and offered no resistance to the soldiers. The video is powerful and not easy to watch, even though the shootings are at a distance. You can hear the reaction of the climbers watching the events unfold, and just knowing what is happening can be a bit unnerving. You can see the video for your self here.

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