Nike+iPod Update

As you’ll recall, I’ve been using the Nike+iPod system for running lately, and even wrote my thoughts on the subject. Yesterday I got an e-mail from Nike noting some nice updates to the website portion of the product. As you’ll recall, the Nike+ website is used to store and track data uploaded from the iPod. After it’s uploaded, automatically through iTunes, you can sign in, and check your progress, see how far or fast you’ve run on individual days, and more.

Listening to the Nike+ community, Nike has added the ability to make comments on your individual runs so that you can distinguish between them. For instance, you could note what playlist you listened to that day, or if you went with a friend, or took a different route, etc. it’s a great new addition and one that will come in handy over time. They’ve also added the ability to delete a goals from your profile as well, which seemed odd that it wasn’t there to begin with. You can create a goal on the site to run a certain distance, or increase your mileage, and more. Now you can delete those goals and set higher ones if you choose. Finally, they’ve also made it easier to discuss topics with other runners in their forums by having your profile link directly to those online forums. It’s a nice way to build a more tightly knit community, which is a big factor in what they are trying to do with the Nike+iPod system.

I’m still really enjoying the product, and for any serious runner it’s a great piece of technology to help you train. I’m just all the more frustrated with my ability to run right now with shin splints that get extremely painful after a few miles. I’m trying to be patient and let them heal, but they sure are taking their sweet time about. More on the Nike+ as other features are added.

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