Riding the Worlds Highest Railway

On July 1st the Sky Train opened, running a rail route from Lhasa, Tibet to Golmud, a small city in Qinghai province in China. Finally, the first westerners have had a chance to ride it and report back on the experience. The train zips along at 16,640 feet above sea level, in pressurized cars designed to fight off altitude sickness. It took more than four years to build the railway, not to mention overcoming all kinds of engineering obstacles, but now you can take the 15 hour, and no doubt scenic trip, yourself. But, be sure to read this article first, as it doesn’t seem like it’s a rosy trip for just anyone. While the rail has finally made it to Tibet, it has left some creature comforts behind to be sure.

Thanks Gadling!

Kraig Becker

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