Sahara Race: Two Days In

As I noted last week, the Sahara Racegot underway yesterday with a a grueling 30+km run through the Western Desert, followed up today with a 31+km second stage. Both of these early stages were very hot, and today’s stage reportedly offered little breeze to help cool competitors down. There were several reports of severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. Currently the Live Leaderboard isn’t displaying any information on who the overall leader is, but Johann Boost of the U.K. one the first stage, while Byeung Sik Ahn of South Korea has taken the second stage.

The Sahara race is the fourth of a series of ultramarathons run in stages throught some of the harshests deserts on Earth. Besides the Sahara, competitors in these events have run through the Gobi, Atacama, and Antarctic deserts as part of the Four Deserts Marathons.

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