Stalking the Grizzely Bear

I’ve always found the Grizzely Bear to be amongst the most awesome and interesting creatures on the planet. They are incredibly beautiful animals, and one that I would love to see close up in the wild, but not too close if you know what I mean. Well, now thanks to this article over at I have some good ideas on where the best places to go to have an encounter with one of these noble creatures. It seems that British Columbia is a great place to start, and this article will get you planning a backcountry escape to have a “grizzely encounter” of your own.

4 thoughts on “Stalking the Grizzely Bear”

  1. It has been my experience that when we each have an afinity with such an animal that there could be more to the connection………….
    Have you mused about if this might be a ‘spirit animal’ for you……?
    Whatever meaning you then give to this becomes very significant as well……..
    “Summit Stones $ Adventure Musings By DSD”

  2. Hmm…interesting ideas. I have always been fascinated by bears in general and the grizzley in particular. Perhaps it has something to do with the two brown bear cubs that we raised for a time when I was a kid, or maybe it’s something else. Muse about this I shall. 🙂

  3. Hello Again AdventureJunkie,
    Have you ever seen the art work by Bev Doolittle that is of the Grizzly…?
    She has created some amazing pieces…and ones that represent the spirit of the animal as well as its physical presence…
    Raising two cubs – what an adventure that must have been!
    “Summit-Stones” by DSD

  4. Hi there DSD! Welcome back! 🙂 I don’t believe I’ve seen anything from the artist you’ve mentioned, but I’ll do a Google Search as soon as possible. Sounds very interesting.

    As for rasing the cubs, it was indeed quite an adventure. We didn’t keep them long, a few weeks at the most, but it sure made for some interesting pets for that time. We eventually donated them to a zoo that were much better equipped to handle them, especially after they grew larger, and hungrier!

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