Still More on the Nangpa La Shootings has yet another update on the shootings that took place in the Nangpa La pass near the Cho Oyu base camp last week. This time we hear from two Romanian climbers who report that the “Tibetans were hunted like rats” by the Chinese Army, who seemed to be lying in wait for them to come through the pass. They go on to remark how the big guide services won’t mention the incident for fear of losing their license to lead expeditions on the mountain, and even more disturbing is the thought that the 2008 host country for the Olympics (China) is slaughtering it’s citizens. It’s a sad story, with the current death count is said to be eight people.

Meanwhile, this update was posted a day or so back, and reports that following the death of a 25 year old nun, who was amongst the victims on Nangpa La, a group of about 10 or 12 children that were traveling with her were marched through Advanced Base Camp on Cho Oyu, in the custody of the Chinese military. In the same report, British citizens talk about how ABC was taken over by an armed force of Chinese. Of course, I’ve yet to see one report on this in the Western media, who obviously have other stories they’d rather cover than human rights violations in Nepal and Tibet. More as it comes available, just don’t expect to see this reported on FOX News or CNN.