Weekly Podcast Updates

Some of my favorite podcasts have released new episodes that you might find interesting. First up, Endurance Planet has conducted an interview with Jon Gould a successful attorney and mountain biker, who discusses training methods, nutrition, and some of his bigger races.

Next up, The Wildebeat has an excellent episode this week entitled Mount Whitney For Beginners which gives advice and tips on climbing the highest peak in the continental United States. Whitney is considered one of the classic climbs for Norther American climbers, and is an excellent place for working on your mountaineering skills.

Finally, The Rest of Everest has posted Episode 23: Climbing The North Col. This is a video podcast that always has great footage, and strives to give you a behind the scenes peek at everything that goes into a big mountain climb like Everest. I’ve finally managed to catch up on all the back episodes, and now I look forward to each of the new ones. If you’re interested in mountaineering, or want to learn more about climbing Everest, I highly recommend watching these episodes.

As always, these podcasts are available on the websites and the links I provided, or in iTunes, where you can subscribe to them and have them downloaded automatically.

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