Aconcagua Not The Tallest Peak In South America?

In yet still more Seven Summit news today, we have this article from that calls into question the height of Aconcagua, long held as the highest peak in South America, and actually the tallest mountain outside of the Himalayas. The story suggests that Ojos del Salado is the tallest peak in the Americas, and may even top out at over 7000m. Of course, this would change a lot of those lists of climbers who have made it up all of the peaks.

I find it a little interesting that in this day and age we can’t settle this dispute once and for all. It should be a rather simple thing to measure, with accuracy, the heights of these two mountains, and sort this mess out once and for all. I can’t help but think that there is a travel agency or two in South America who made this all up just to drum up business, as all those Seven Summiters are rapidly booking return airfare to South America to knock off Ojos del Salado. You know… just in case!

Thanks for the tip GoBlog! Not to mention the funny as hell “quote” from Dick Bass! 🙂 Photo courtesy of Jon at The Rest of Everest.

3 thoughts on “Aconcagua Not The Tallest Peak In South America?”

  1. It’s not surprising that would run this. They are increasingly being known for being the National Enquirer of mountain climbing.

    They practically tried and convicted mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner of abandoning his brother on his climb of Nanga Parbat earlier this year when Messner claimed he had found his brothers remains.

    Would have never thought that mountaineering would have a supermarket tabloid, but that is exactly what has become.

  2. While I still find a lot of good information on, particularly climb updates and news, it’s articles like these that leave you scratching your head at times.

    They also got a ton of exposure from their article on the Discovery Channel Everest Special, as they took a pretty hard line stance. Obviously they are entitled to their opinions.

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