The Adventure Grand Slam?

When completeing the Seven Summits, or climbing all 14 8000m peaks isn’t enough, you have to look for other challenges. Like going to the North and South Pole. If you do all of them, it’s called The Adventure Grandslam! The site lists everyone who has completed this epic goal and promises to add more in the future as others join this select group. Currently there are 12 members of the Adventure Grandslam Club.

So, which of these guys on the list are up for Circumnavigating the Globe by sailboat? I’m sure we’ll have to have a Super Adventure EXTREME Grandslam Club soon with even more things to add to the list. Like swimming to the bottom of the Mariana Trench or taking a hot air baloon to the moon or something. I’m just bitter because these guys make me look like a couch potato. Hell, these guys make Lance Armstrong look like a couch potato.