An Alpinist Perspective on High Altitude Climbs

Alpinist Magazine is amongst the best you’ll find anywhere in the World with a focus on high altitude mountaineering. The writing is always top notch, the articles interesting, often with an unusual spin on a climb, and the photographs are just gorgeous. But don’t just take my word for it. Check it our yourself with this article entitled The Weight of Thin Air.

The article is an excellent discussion of climbing in the Himalayas, and the dangers you face at altitude. The author, Andrej Stremfelj, is a Slovenian climber, who writes about the lessons he’s learned in his climbs, and how they have made him a better climber. At altitude, it’s not always about who is the strongest or the fastest. Here, expereience, and wisdom help achieve goals, and this story is a nice reminder of that.

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