And from the Holy Sh*t Department!

According to this story over at, American climber Sean Burch claims to have climbed 63 Tibetan peaks in just 23 days. This would set a new record for most first ascents in the shortest period of time.

Burch was climbing in the Chan Tang region of Tibet, which is largely unexplored, highly isolated, and seldom visited by westerners. Along the way, he spent time in the local villages in order to get an understanding of the people, and the human rightes issues they’ve been facing.

Documentation of these climbs has been offered up in the way of GPS data and photographs. You can find out more at, including a list of all the mountains summitted, and dispatches from the expedition.

Awesome work Sean! What an amazing adventure!

3 thoughts on “And from the Holy Sh*t Department!”

  1. It is indeed an amazing feat. How cool would it be to explore those regions and climb all those peaks.

    Thanks! I’m continuing to add links. I’m sure there is at least one on their that you’ll like! 😉

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