Antarctic Update: Whiteout Replaced With Snow! is reporting that the whiteout conditions that plagued the teams yesterday have been replaced with a snow storm today. The story notes that contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t snow that often in the Antarctic, which is actually the driest place on Earth.

Team Polar Quest has a decent day on the ice, avoiding the snow storm until the end of their daily march. Calling it quits early the huddled up in their tents to avoid the storm as much as possible. Hannah on the other hand did have to contend with the snow. A fresh coating on the ground made pulling her sled all the tougher. To pass the time she listened to Pride and the Prejudice. Quite a change from the Hemingway from the day before. Meanwhile, Ray and Jenny struggled with sastrugi on top of sastrugi, followed by an ice field that was slick and difficult to move on. The two very different obstacles provided completely different challenges to their day.

Cheer up teams! We’re only a little more than a week away from the Antarctic Summer now! 🙂

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