Big Things Coming From Adventure Journey

I’ve blogged about Adventure Journey before, and have linked to a number of articles on their site. Especially from their current “Tibet Issue”. I’m also a fan of the “Top Seven” lists. (Which still needs to be updated by the way? Anyone listening? Didn’t think so!) Anyway, it seems big things are afoot for the next issue, Number 10, due for release on January 31. The list of changes on their website include:

– A complete redesign of the site (Overdue if you ask me. Moved a little slow)

-The introduction of the amazing “Journeypedia” (Dont know what this is, but sounds good!)

-The debut of AJ’s online interactive community (Forums? More?)

-A free personal account feature that can link you to like minded adventurers (Nice! New friends to play with!)

-And a few other rather special surprises (Oooo… cryptic!)

Can’t wait to see what’s in store. Sounds like some nice new upgrades and changes.

Kraig Becker

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