Climbers Missing In Oregon is reporting that three climbers have been missing since Sunday on Mount Hood. The men reportedly set off with only minimal gear in an attempt to make a light and fast climb to the summit, but an unexpected snow storm brought blizzard conditions, with high winds, stranding the three climbers on the mountain. One of them used a cell phone to call home to Dallas, TX where he told his family he was stranded in a snow cave, and that the other two men had gone for hellp. Mountain Rescue teams searched all day yesterday without finding a trace of them, and plan to resume the search today.

All three men are reportedly experienced climbers, but their light and fast approach has come back to haunt them. WIthout all the proper gear that they need, it’s going to take a small miracle for all three to be found alive. Hopefully they are all safe in a snow cave somewhere, waiting out the storm, which continues to blow on the mountain. With any luck, rescue teams will find them today. Lets keep our fingers crossed for these men, and say a little prayer for their families as well.

Kraig Becker

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