Clothing That Is Trackable By GPS

According to this article over at the Raw Feed a company named Covert Asset Tracking Systems Ltd has plans to introduce a new line of clothing that will have the ability to be tracked, via GPS. Furthermore, tracking can be plotted over the Internet, making it easy to keep any eye on who ever is wearing the clothing. The system will be mainly aimed at the outdoor enthusiast and will also be integrated into backpacks and other outdoor equipment.

You can’t help but think something like this could save lives when searching for someone in the backcountry, however anyone who has ever used a GPS device knows that it can easily lose it’s signal under heavy tree cover. It’s also useless in a cave, or under deep snow, such as an avalanche or snow cave. I get the feeling this will be useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kid as much as anything else. Still, if the sytem catches on, and saves one life, it’s probably done it’s job.