Danelle Ballengee Survives 3 Days In The Wilderness

Danelle Ballengee, one of the top female Adventure Racers in the World, fell more than sixty feet on a training run, breaking her pelvis, and leaving her stranded in a remote region for more than two days. According to this article she slipped on ice while running, causing her to fall. Danelle’s dog Taz eventually brought help after watching over her for two days and staying close to keep her warm the first night.

Danelle broke her pelvis in four places (Ouch!) and it is estimated that it will take three to six months before she can walk again, and a full year before she will be full recovered. She is currently a member of Team Spyder, and rose to prominance in the sport when she raced with Team Nike, with whom she won three Primal Quests, an Ecco-Challenge, The Adventure Racing World Championship, and a Raid. Get well soon Nelly! We want to see you racing again.

Thanks Yak!

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