Fowler-Boskoff Search Update

More news on missing climbers Charlie Fowler and Christine Boskoff. The Fowler-Boskoff Search Engine has been updated with the news that the pair’s luggage has been found. The driver who drove them to a remote area near the border of China and Tibet, and claims that they told him they would return for their luggage after attempting to climb Genyen Peak. All of their climbing gear was missing from their luggage, indicating that they intended to climb and return for the rest of their belongings later.

Obviously this helps to narrow the search area, but does little to answer the question of what happened to them. Perhaps with this new information we can begin to find a conclusion to this mystery. It seems that information is starting to come to light. I’ll update the story as more becomes available.

Update: has picked up this story and is now reporting on the search. It’s taken the mainstream press some time to investigate this one, but then again, a search in the Himalaya is a far cry from Mt. Hood.

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