Fowler/Boskoff Search Update

The Alpinist has posted an update on missing climbers Charlie Folwer and Christine Boskoff who went missing in China a few weeks back. The two Americans are believed to be in the Yunnan Province or near the towns of Litang and Batang in Sichuan Province. The search team used information from friends and family, e-mails sent from the pair, and a laptop that belongs to Fowler, and was left with a friend, to narrow the search. The pair are believed to have been going for the summit on an unclimbed, and unnamed, 6500m peak near Dequen, China in Yunnan Province.

The search team has raised over $75,000 to date in order to fund the on going operations. You can find out more about that fund, and how to contribute at the Fowler-Boskoff Search Engine or the Mountainfilm Blog.

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