Friday Polar Update

I have another polar update courtesy of today. It seems the weather has improved, with winds dying down, and the skys clearing up, making for much easier, and brighter travel.

Team Polar Quest is approaching the Thiels Mountain Range, while the Kiwis made good progress with the improved weather, and are now roughly halfway to their goal. Hannah has had a good couple of days on the ice, and is making great time right now and rookie skiier John Wilton-Davies is following in her track, albeit a week or so back. Team n2i reports better weather and a faster paces as well, along with a stunning meteor display, as they work closer to the Pole of Inaccessibliity. Finally, Ray and Jenny are enjoying the improved weather as well, even if it has brought on more cold.

Over on Vinson, teams are off the mountain and safely back at Patriot Hills, and awaiting a flight back to Punta Arenas, where there are other teams waiting to hit the ice to get their crack at the mountain.

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