Mt. Hood Rescue Update

Rescue attempts on Mt. Hood have been stymied by the onset of a brutal winter storm. is reporting that 100 MPH winds, and heavy snow is expected to blast the mountain today, essentially putting an end to rescue attempts for now. Rescue teams have continued to set up basecamps on the mountain in the event that the weather breaks and they can make a dash up the mountain to continue their search.

The three climbers, who have been missing now since Sunday, were attemtping to make a fast and light climb to the summit of Mt. Hood when they were caught in an unexpected storm. Because they packed light, they didn’t have a lot of safety gear or excess equipment with them, which doesn’t bode well for them the longer they are on the mountain. There is still some hope though that they are holed up in snow cave and waiting for rescue. Lets hope the storm blows by quickly and rescuers can get back to searching.

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