Nanga Parbat: Poles Set Camp 1 is reporting today that the Polish team on Nanga Parbat have established Camp 1 above 5000m as they prepare for their winter summit of that mountain. The team is working fast to get all of their camps and gear in place before December 21, the first official day of winter. When they finally do go for the summit, it will then be considered a true winter climb.

Or will it? The article goes on to debate the difference between a winter summit (reaching the top) and a winter climb (the bulk of the expedition.) So if you set up your camps and acclimatize on the mountain during the Fall, but summit in Winter, does it make any difference? Is a summit on Dec. 21 less of a winter summit than one made on Jan. 21? Personally, I think the article gets a little nit-picky, but I do think a climb done entirely during the winter, such as Simone Moro’s upcoming winter Broadpeak and/or K2 attempts, is tougher. Moro won’t even leave Italy for the Karakoram until Dec. 24. What do you think? Have a comment? Post it!

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